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What do I do? I shredded my stimulus debit card or it has the wrong name

Don’t throw away that debit card that just arrived in the mail — it could be your coronavirus stimulus payment.

In order to expedite the issuance of stimulus payments, the Treasury Department decided to send out to 4 million people debit cards instead of checks.  The problem is that most people were looking for a check and thought the debit card was junk mail.  The cards arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services,” according to the IRS, with the name of the issuing bank, MetaBank, N.A., on the back.  The card doesn’t show it is from the federal government but the envelope does state that it is being sent on behalf of the Treasury Department.

If you do throw the card away, you can get a replacement by calling customer service at 1-800-240-8100, according to EIPCard.com, which provides information on how to use the cards. While the cardholder agreement says it costs $0 to replace the card the first time, there is a $17 charge for priority shipping of the new card.

When Can I Expect My Economic Stimulus Paper Check?

For taxpayers who will be receiving their stimulus checks via paper check because no direct deposit information was available, below shows dates for when those payments are scheduled to be mailed by the IRS. The dates are based on the adjusted gross income (AGI) shown on the taxpayer’s 2019 tax return, if filed and processed. Otherwise, it is based on the taxpayer’s AGI shown on the 2018 tax return.

If AGI is:                        Scheduled Mailing Date
$10,000 or less              April 24, 2020
$20,000 or less              May 1, 2020
$30,000 or less              May 8, 2020
$40,000 or less              May 15, 2020
$50,000 or less              May 22, 2020
$60,000 or less              May 29, 2020
$70,000 or less              June 5, 2020
$80,000 or less              June 12, 2020
$90,000 or less              June 19, 2020
$100,000 or less            June 26, 2020
$110,000 or less             July 3, 2020
$120,000 or less            July 10, 2020
$130,000 or less            July 17, 2020
$140,000 or less            July 24, 2020
$150,000 or less            July 31, 2020
$160,000 or less            August 7, 2020
$170,000 or less            August 14, 2020
$180,000 or less            August 21, 2020
$190,000 or less            August 28, 2020
$200,000 or less           September 4, 2020
All others                         September 11, 2020

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