Thank you for putting together your webinar, opening it to all AND personally answer my question. Thank you for your support and generosity during this time. L.G.

Thank you so much for your responses! I really appreciate it! I will be sure to listen to next week’s webinar. The one that you did yesterday was so informative and helpful and honestly much better than the webinars that the SBA has been doing. Thank you for providing this service for your customers during this confusing and difficult time! D.I.

All awesome info to have too. I joined in on your WebEx yesterday and had picked up a lot of valuable info there. S.N.

“I’ve been on a ton of COVID-19 webinars, and yours are the best and most informative.” L.S.

Allow me to express my appreciation and admiration for the magnificent webinars with you presented. My colleagues were astonished when I informed them that you answered over 120 questions in the course of a webinar last week. The information you provided was terrific and thank you again so much for all your help! D.M.

You must be very special people! Thank you for the generous sharing of your knowledge and time to inform the small business community about the financial resources that are available. I was especially impressed with your patience in reviewing all of the Q&A. Wow! We are one of the lucky recipients of the PPPL and your guidance will help us to make the most of it. C.C.

When things are moving along without incident, it’s easy to forget the value a good accounting firm can provide. But when times are tough and difficult decision need to be made, the real value of having a relationship with the firm is clear. I have worked with Brinker Simpson for over 10 years and have been impressed as it has grown, adding accomplished professionals but remaining accessible and personable.However, I am especially impressed at how the Brinker Simpson team responded immediately to Covid-19 – by providing articles, templates, weekly webinars and advice geared to small businesses.Despite information changing daily, I know I have access to professionals who know my business and are ready to help me make the decisions that need to be made. K.K.

We have deposited in our account the full loan amount. Thank you so much, Linda, Kristen and everyone at Brinker for making me aware of the urgency required to obtain this loan. Huge help!   M.N.

Very helpful webinar today. Thanks!   K.K.

Just wanted to express what a wonderful job you and your team are doing!!  So impressed at how pro-active and helpful your office has been during this PPP experience.  Katies is a dear and was very patient and helpful today.  And as a side note, I was so thankful that you opened up your webinars a few weeks ago to non-clients, which was so helpful to my stepson, whose business is closed, after recently expanding their business.  I know he was approved by his bank and waiting to hear from SBA.  Thanks a million!    G.M.

Thanks, as always, for all that you are doing to help the community.  D.M

Thanks so much for working and keeping all of us advised so well.    M.F.

Amazing but wish this never happened. My God Bless us with a speedy recovery worldwide.

Bob, Katie did a great job for me. Thank you very much folks!   J.B.

I can’t thank you enough for all these programs.  We have received our money under PPP!  Now I want to go for the MSNLF program.  Do you have any guidance?  Additionally, current CPA has done NOTHING towards closing out year end 2019 financials or preparing the tax returns.  I know we are all swamped and extensions are in our future.  Nevertheless, can you help with this?  H.T.

Thank you very much.  I am so grateful for your support.   M.C.

Thanks a lot for thinking of us and for all your assistance.  R.H.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we appreciate the time and effort that you and your team at Brinker Simpson have invested in getting the most up to date information out to your clients in real time.  The Webinars and Q&A session afterwards have been very helpful and informative.  Thanks again for your guidance and helping us through this process!   M.E.