Did you receive an IRS identity verification letter? There is no need to panic; this is not a scam.

If you received a 5071C, 4883C, 5747C, 6331C, or 5447C letter, the IRS needs to verify your identity.

  • For those who have filed, the IRS suggests you visit the website, access the secure Identity Verification Service, and follow the prompts as they simply need more information to verify your identity and process your return.
  • If you have not filed, this is a protective measure as someone may have attempted to file a return in your name, and the IRS is seeking to identify your SSN or ITIN to protect your identity.

There are many ways you can remedy this situation.

  • The quickest, most efficient way is through the IRS secure Identity Verification Service portal, where you can verify your identity online safely.
  • If you do not have access to a computer, you can call the toll-free IRS Identity Verification phone number if you received a 5071C or 6331C letter. An IRS representative will connect with you and help verify your identity. Before you log in or make a call, be sure to have copies of your prior years’ tax return and your current year tax return and supporting documents, such as your forms W-2 and 1099, as you will be asked simple questions regarding the information contained on these as well as questions that only you can answer.
  • Another choice is to go to your local IRS office. Due to the current climate, it is required to call in advance to schedule an appointment.

Please note, the IRS cannot process your return until they have successfully verified your identity, so it is imperative to take action upon receiving a letter immediately.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 610.544.5900.